Coolwallet S

Coolwallet S

Price: $227.96

Coolwallet S: The future of payment begins with this Bluetooth wallet!

The Coolwallet S works really well with existing cold storage wallets as it does not require a computer to access coins. Just download the app on an iPhone or Android, and access it via bluetooth.

Discover with this modern crypto wallet a functional way to keep the cryptocurrency you are using. We present you a revolutionary cold storage Bluetooth Wallet that will help you get the most out of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum (ERC20 Token) or Litecoin. With clear user friendliness, it will be possible to send or save digital coins anytime and anywhere. 

Above all, the holistic level of control and security of this Coolwallet S knows how to convince. The hardware wallet impresses with a slim and simple design so that it can be stowed everywhere. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, you will be completely wireless and always flexible (you can never forget anything if you want to use the mentioned cryptocurrencies). A revolutionary feature of this crypto wallet is that it is currently the only mobile solution for the so-called cold storage. Thanks to Bluetooth and certified security standards, you can also gain flexibility by storing and managing many cryptocurrencies with the Coolwallet S at the same time. You save money and further effort because you can use a convincing solution for common cryptocurrencies.

Keep cryptocurrencies safely: functional Bluetooth wallet

  • Powerful hardware wallet to store cryptocurrencies
  • No additional accessories required: one hardware wallet for all common cryptocurrencies
  • Encrypted Bluetooth technology ensures wireless security on the go
  • Newest certified security technologies and isolated offline environment
  • Slim and handy design
  • Longevity through waterproof construction
  • Compatible with Android 5 (or higher) and with iPhone 5 or higher

Crypto Wallet: A functional investment for your security!

With this product innovation, you will make a great choice if you want to keep cryptocurrencies with maximum security. You can now safely store your preferred digital currency in an isolated offline environment. In order to protect cryptocurrencies in every respect, newest and certified security technologies are used (keyword Common Criteria EAL5) to complete this world's most intelligent Bluetooth wallet. Each transaction is confirmed on the display with a key. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can make all synchronizations or transactions completely wireless. You need no additional accessories to use the complete functionality of this wallet. In terms of quality, the convincing durability of this wallet has to be mentioned: apart from the flexible handling, the waterproof construction ensures a perfect protection in everyday life. With the app for this hardware wallet, you can maximize the range of functions in a user-friendly way: special protocols ensure that your security and privacy remain untouched, anytime and anywhere.

Coolwallet S for the mobile cold storage: With this functional revolution, you can use & store cryptocurrencies everywhere safely, flexibly and above all wireless!


1 x Coolwallet S
1 x charging cable
1 x charging station
1 x gift box
1 x manual
1 x recovery sheet

Product details:

Dimensions: 85.6 x 54 x 0.8 mm
Charging time of the battery: 2 hours for full charge
Rechargeable battery: Lithium Ion, rechargeable, 3V, 15mAh
Energy consumption: 5 days in standby mode or 20 operating cycles
Communication interface: BLE4.1; 10 meters away
Working temperature: 10C to 40C
Secure Chip: common criteria EAL5 + certified security against manipulation
Material: plastic, metal (button)